Promise of sustainability


Sustainability and above all environmental protection is not only firmly anchored in the minds of our employees as individuals, but we as a company also rethink every step we take to protect our wonderful planet in the best possible way. We consider it a matter of course to act sustainably in various areas such as the cultivation of our plants, in shipping, logistics, distribution as well as in our shop and blog. Nature gives us a huge and beautiful selection of succulents, so we only want to give the best back to nature. In this respect, it is our claim to constantly improve ourselves. We want to work as transparent as possible and let you participate in our already implemented and planned projects regarding sustainability and environmental protection.


Despite the necessary extensive packaging, we attach great importance to environmentally friendly, recyclable and recycled material. We have therefore changed our filling material from recycled paper to even more environmentally friendly, biodegradable packaging chips. These packaging chips are made of plant starch, are vegan and even edible. Therefore they are not dangerous for the environment, children or animals.

In addition, our plants are lovingly wrapped in recycled silk paper to protect them as much as possible from the packaging environment and filler. This also helps us to prevent the soil or substrate from being dispersed in the carton by tipping over or falling.

Most of our cartons are recyclable and are shipped via CO²-neutral shipping. Here the service provider offers a CO² compensation payment, which we are of course willing to pay and not pass on to our customers. Therefore, we gladly pay a little extra per supply.

A current project is the conversion to plastic-free alternatives for our parcel adhesive tapes. In the coming weeks we will test such an alternative and hope to integrate it into the shipping process in order to save more plastic.

Did you have found plastic in your parcel? Environmental awareness also includes applied recycling and the sustainability of the raw materials used. Therefore, we also reuse the filling material sent to us whenever possible. We also continue to use sent parcels as long as they are not broken. As a subsequent project, we see the purchase of a machine to reduce the size of unusable cardboard boxes in order to use them as additional filling material.


In order to save water for our plants in the greenhouse, we use our own collected rainwater, thus avoiding unnecessary waste of water. In the same way, our succulents on an area of 1400 m2 contribute to a large extent to ensure that enough oxygen is produced on the premises. During the process of photosynthesis, the plants release it. Did you know that succulents also produce oxygen throughout the night? This is possible due to their crassulaceous acid metabolism (CAM of Crassulacean Acid Metabolism for short).

In addition, we also have succulents such as Aloe Vera and Sanseveria in our greenhouse, which are excellent at purifying the air and removing the toxins that are in it. The plants are able to remove up to 87% of the so-called volatile organic compounds (VOC). NASA researchers therefore recommend at least one plant per 9 m² for sufficient air cleaning effect – in our greenhouse it is definitely more! 😉

We also have an energy screen in our greenhouse, which reduces heat emission to the environment and provides shade to reduce solar radiation. An energy screen primarily saves energy by reducing both heating and cooling costs. This allows us to partially heat the areas that we actually need. In this way we save around 30% energy, which has a direct effect on our heating oil consumption.


Since we are aware of the importance of pollinators for an intact ecosystem, two beehives occupy our premises by the greenhouse. In the direct vicinity of the beehives we have created a currently unused area as an orchard and flower meadow.

In a separate small greenhouse, we also grow organic vegetables for our private consumption.

When we moved in, our offices needed a lot of renovation, which is why we are striving for a sustainable improvement step by step. For example, we have increased the thermal insulation of our windows by means of triple thermal glazing.

So far, we have deliberately decided not to own a company car.

Did you noticed anything else? Then get in touch with us and give us some feedback!