Aeonium is a rosette-forming genus of the family Crassulaceae, whose approximately 40 species are mainly found in the Canary Islands. In some species the rosettes sit on long, woody stems, while other species have stems that are so short that they seem trunkless. There are also differences in the number of trunks. Some species grow with only one trunk, others have several.
The flowering season is approximately from April to August. From the middle of the rosette an up to 30cm long panicle is formed, on which the small golden yellow flowers sits.


A bright, sunny place, such as a south window, should be chosen as location.

A mixture of cactus and succulent earth and mineral parts is suitable as substrate.

The substrate should be allowed to dry out between waterings, and excess water should be able to drain off properly.

It can be fertilized about every two to three weeks.

In summer, the succulents can be put outside after they have gradually become accustomed to direct sunlight. However, they should be brought back into the house at temperatures below 10°C.
During the resting period in winter, the temperature should be around 15°C, watering should be stopped as far as possible and fertilizing should be avoided completely.

Aeonium is basically non-toxic, but no guarantee can be given for its compatibility with animals.

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