This is how your succulents arrive safely at your home

Especially in online trade, some customers have concerns about whether plants are packed correctly and whether they arrive in the desired condition. We understand these concerns and therefore want to give you an insight into our packaging process:

Transport preparation

In general, we make sure that the succulents are not too moist before shipping. Unfortunately, sometimes it is not possible to prevent wet plants from being shipped. Usually the shipping takes only 1 - 3 days, Europe-wide 2 - 5 days - this is how long your new succulent can last in the dark. Please check on arrival if it needs watering. Especially in summer it can get very warm in the delivery vans and packages. In winter we suspend the shipping at daytime temperatures below -5°C in order not to endanger any plants.

Surface protection

Some succulents are more sensitive than others – therefore the most sensitive plant is our benchmark. We wrap each plant individually in fine tissue paper to protect it from the environment and the filler. This is how we also prevent the soil or substrate from falling or tipping over into the box.

Impact resistance

Your order is gently embedded in ecologically degradable filling material so that it can easily survive falls or improper handling. The filler is made of corn starch, could even be eaten and is also a good protection against heat or cold.

The stable cardboard protects against knocks and blows.

Plenty space

We pack each plant equally carefully and with sufficient buffer to its neighbors. This means that your order will be divided into several boxes if necessary, so that there is no collision in the package. Especially for wedding orders with more than 100 plants with cachepots, we will gladly send the pots separately.

Sustainable delivery

Despite the extensive packaging required, we consider environmentally friendly materials and recyclable packaging materials to be extremely important. We intentionally avoid plastic and choose service providers who can offer CO2-neutral delivery.

For the sake of our environment we are happy to pay a few cents extra per delivery.

Ever found plastic in your package? Environmental awareness also includes applied recycling and therefore the usage of filling materials returned to us as far as possible.

Find out more about delivery costs and delivery instructions here.


We will additionally label your parcel on the outside with stickers, which will point out the living contents to the parcel carrier on top.

Unpacking & Sun

After arrival of your package you should open the package immediately. Plants need light and are happy about it after a few days in the dark. However, your succulents should not be placed directly in the sun. Although they are very sun-loving, they do not tolerate direct UV radiation. Our succulents are grown in greenhouses and are not used to direct sunlight. They must get used to the new conditions first, otherwise they might get a sunburn.

We are not responsible for sunburn or burnt leaves.

Who am I?

Each plant you order will receive a label with its name on it before it is shipped, so that you can immediately recognize which succulent plant you have in your hand when you unpack it.

Something wrong?

Despite our elaborate packaging, which is intended to ensure safe and gentle transport for your succulents, it does happen that a succulent gets a little bit damaged.

Should there be some soil or substrate on your succulent due to tipping or throwing, you can remove it with a soft (cosmetic) brush.

A broken leaf can easily be removed and if necessary propagated and is no reason for complaint. If it looks a bit worn out, this is how it usually is, it means that it simply has to acclimatize again, in summer often a little watered. Succulents are natural products; each one is unique. They never look exactly like the product photo. If you want to get a perfect plant, please buy an alternative plant made out of plastic.

Improvement or feedback?

Besides the health of our plants, your satisfaction is very important to us. After all, we don't just want to sell a product, we want to make you happy with your order.

We are constantly improving our procedures and processes and of course we rely on your feedback.

If something should not have been according to your imagination, please contact us :) Of course we are also happy about positive feedback.

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