The approximately 100 species of Albuca, which grow from onions and belong to the asparagus family (Asparagaceae), are mainly found in southern Africa, but also grow as far as the Arabian Peninsula. Albuca flowers from late spring to early summer. The yellow flowers give off a subtle scent reminiscent of vanilla. ##break## A bright, sunny location is ideal for Albuca, direct midday sun should be avoided. As substrate you can use either a mixture of cactus and succulent soil and mineral parts, or a purely mineral substrate. The substrate should be allowed to dry before adding more water. Stagnant moisture is not tolerated, so make sure that excess water can run off easily. You can fertilize about once a month. In summer you can also put the succulents outside in a sheltered place, but you should bring them back inside when the temperature is below 10°C. Albuca hibernates at 15°C in a bright place. No fertilization is needed, watering is reduced.

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