Rhipsalis belong to the family of the cactuses (Cactaceae). Rhipsalis is native to South and Central America and as far as the Caribbean, but mainly to the rainforests of Brazil. One species can also be found in Madagascar and Sri Lanka and is therefore the only cactus outside America. Rhipsalis are hanging plants whose tendrils grow relatively quickly.


The many small, mostly star-shaped flowers are often only briefly open.

A bright, semi-shady to shady place should be chosen as location.

A mixture of cactus and succulent soil and mineral parts is suitable as substrate. The substrate should be low in lime.

In spring and summer, i.e. during the main growth phase, watering should be done evenly, the plant should never dry out completely. Rhipsalis also prefers an air humidity between 50 and 70%.

You can fertilize about every two weeks, but only until the first buds have opened.

Rhipsalis grows all year round at normal room temperature, it doesn't need to hibernate particularly. In summer, you can put the succulent plants outdoors after gradually acclimating them to direct sunlight. However, you should bring them back into the house at temperatures below 10°C.

Since it is not completely clear whether Rhipsalis is poisonous, no guarantee of compatibility with animals can be given.

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