Delosperma belongs to the family of the ice plant (Aizoaceae), the natural range of the more than 160 species extends over South Africa and Ethiopia to southwestern Arabia. It is a low, branched plant that grows perennially or shrubby and flat.
Depending on the species, the flowering season is in summer or autumn, and for some species also in winter. The flowers sit on short stems and are purple, yellow, pink, red, orange or white, depending on the species.


A warm, sunny location is ideal for Delosperma.

The substrate in which delosperma is planted must be very well permeable, the mineral content should therefore be quite high.

Delosperma also does not tolerate stagnant moisture, so the substrate should dry out between waterings and excess water should drain off well.

Since the plant does not need a lot of nutrients, additional fertilization is not necessary.

In summer, the succulents can be placed outside after they have gradually become accustomed to direct sunlight. You should bring them back into the house at temperatures below 10°C.
In winter the temperature should be around 10°C. Watering can be reduced.

Opinions on the toxic levels of Ice Plants vary widely, so no guarantee can be given for compatibility with animals.

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