The genus, which belongs to the cactus family (Cactaceae), originally comes from the Bolivian highlands. They grow solo, but also as sprouts. Sulcorebutia are spherical, sometimes slightly flattened.
The bright purple, red or yellow coloured flowers are funnel shaped and usually grow laterally from the outer aerolies of the plant.


The location should be bright and sunny, direct sunlight is tolerated.

For Sulcorebutia a mostly mineral substrate should be chosen.

In summer, watering should be moderate, the substrate should be completely dry before the next watering, the excess water should be able to run off well.  In winter no watering should be done.

Fertilizing can be done approximately every six to eight weeks.

In summer the temperatures should not be too high, and not much watering should be done.
In winter the temperature should be around 8°C. No more fertilizing, watering is reduced.

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