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Peperomia is an evergreen plant that belongs to the pepper family (Piperaceae) and is native to the subtropical regions in Central and South America. It is a low growing perennial.
The inflorescences are long, partly branched and spike-shaped.


A bright place should be chosen as location. Direct sunlight from the midday sun should be avoided, as should temperature fluctuations.

As substrate a mixture of cactus and succulent soil and mineral parts is suitable.

Watering is done sparingly, the substrate must neither dry out nor be too wet, therefore let the substrate dry out on the surface before each watering. Peperomia likes a higher humidity, if the air is too dry there is a risk that the plant will be attacked by pests.

You can fertilize about once a month, i.e. about every four weeks.

In summer you can also place the plant outside, but you should also make sure that it is not exposed to direct sunlight.
In winter the temperature should be about 15°C. A bright and cool, but not cold location should be chosen. Do not fertilise in winter, watering should be reduced to the bare minimum.

Peperomia is generally not poisonous, but no guarantee can be given for its compatibility with animals.

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