Pachyphytum, a succulent plant native to Mexico with about 15 species, belongs to the family of the thick leafed plants (Crassulaceae). They grow in rosettes with thick and fleshy leaves.
A bunch of salmon-coloured flowers develops at the tip of the sprouts.


They prefer a sunny to full sunny location.

As substrate a mixture of cactus and succulent soil and mineral parts is suitable.

Watering should be moderate, before the next watering the upper layer of the substrate should be allowed to dry, excess water should be able to drain off well. Too much watering leads to unnatural growth and rot. Short drying phases promote the typical growth habit and strong leaf colouring.

Since too much fertilization leads to unnatural growth, it is enough to fertilize Pachyphytum once or twice a year.

In summer, the succulents can be placed outside after they have gradually become acclimatized to direct sunlight. However, they should be brought back into the house at temperatures below 15°C.
In winter the temperature should be around 15°C. Do not fertilise, watering should be reduced.

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