The genus Euphorbia, also called spurge, belongs to the family of spurge plants (Euphorbiaceae). The approximately 2000 plants are mainly found in subtropical areas of Africa, Arabia and Thailand. The Euphorbia gets its name from the "biting" white milky sap of the plant.
The flowers of the Euphorbia are not, as often mistakenly assumed, the colourful involucral bracts but the inconspicuous flowers that surround them.


A bright, partly sunny place is recommended as location.

A mixture of cactus and succulent soil and mineral parts is suitable as substrate.

The substrate may dry out between waterings, stagnant moisture is not tolerated, which is why the excess water should drain off well.

Fertilizer can be applied approx. every three to four weeks.

In summer, the succulents can be placed outside after they have gradually become acclimatized to direct sunlight, but they should not be placed in the direct midday sun. At temperatures below 10°C you should bring the plant back into the house.
In winter the temperature should be around 10°C. The location should be bright, no more fertiliser is used. Since some species flower in winter, watering should be done occasionally.

The poisonous sap causes a rash on human skin, especially on sensitive Skin.

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