The Ceropegia belong to the subfamily of the silk plants (Asclepiadoideae) in the family of the dog poison plants (Apocynaceae). The approximately 160 succulent species are tuber-forming, succulent herbs or semi-shrubs with hanging shoots.
The so-called kettle flower traps are artistically shaped and have also given Ceropegia its name 'lantern flower' or 'string of hearts'.


A bright, slightly sunny location is ideal.

A mixture of cactus and succulent soil and mineral parts is suitable as substrate.

Stagnant moisture is not tolerated, therefore it is important to ensure that the excess water can drain off well and the substrate dries out before the next watering.

Fertilization can be done approx. every four weeks.

In summer you can also place the plant outdoors, but you should also make sure that it is protected from direct sunlight.
The temperature in winter should be around 15°C. Watering is required much less than in summer, but the plant should not dry out. The cooler the location, the less watering is needed.

Since Ceropegia belongs to the family of the dog poison plants, it is quite possible that it is poisonous.

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