Crassula, which originate from South Africa, belong to the family of the bold leaf plants (Crassulaceae) and comprises about 300 succulent species. They are perennial and evergreen shrubs. Some Crassula grow low and flat, others in tall shrubs.
The inflorescences are panicle-like and branched.


Crassula prefer a bright, sunny place.

As substrate a mixture of cactus and succulent soil and mineral parts is suitable.

The substrate should be dried between two water applications to prevent stagnant moisture. Excess water should be able to run off well.

Crassula can be fertilized about once a month, i.e. about every four weeks.

In summer, you can put the succulents outdoors after you have gradually accustomed them to direct sunlight. They should be brought back into the house at temperatures below 10°C.
During the resting period in winter, the temperature should be around 15°C, watering should be stopped as far as possible and fertilizing should be avoided completely.

Crassula is generally not poisonous, but no guarantee can be given for its compatibility with animals.

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