Zamioculca belongs to the arum family (Araceae) and can be found in Central Africa and on Africa's east coast, but mainly on Zanzibar. The leathery leaves grow on stems that resemble feathers.
The flower is a white cob, which is initially enveloped by a brown leaf that buckles back after a short time.


The plant requires a bright location without direct sunlight.

A mixture of cactus and succulent soil and mineral parts is suitable as substrate.

When watering, it is important that the soil is dry before watering again and that the excess water can drain off well.

Fertilizing can be done about once a month, i.e. about every four weeks.

In summer you can also place the plant outside, but you should also make sure that it is not in direct sunlight.
Zamioculca can be wintered at about 8°C. Fertilization is no longer necessary, watering is reduced.

Zamioculcas is a slightly poisonous plant, therefore no guarantee can be given for its compatibility with animals.

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