Which advantages does the Succulent Club offer?

Variety of product choices 🌵 Choose between 3 different membership options that suits you best:
  • Mini »Sea of Succulents«- Club = 3 succulents a month
  • »Sea of Succulents«- Club = 5 succulents a month
  • »Planty Post«- Club = succulent and/or succulent with changing equipment and/or succulent accessories and/or other accessories
  • Reasons why you should join the Succulent-Club:
  • SUCCULENTS - Unique succulents from our product range.
  • DIVERSITY - No repetitions! ... There are currently over 90 different succulents in our product range.
  • INFORMATION - Each succulent comes with a name lable. For additional instructions on each plant, visit our homepage or our blog.
  • MEMORIES - Living plants will accompany you for many years to come!
  • DAILY JOY - It has been scientifically proven that you have to smile every time you walk past your cute little succulents.
  • OPTIONS- choose between a 3, 6, & 12-month membership.
Important Notice:
New subsciptions are always sent out at the beginning of the month.
Right now our succulent subscriptions are only available in Germany.
We do not ship subscriptions abroad!

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