The genus, which comprises over 500 species, belongs to the yam family, which grows in tropical regions of the world. Dioscorea are climbing plants in which the tubers form the caudex and are mostly poisonous.
The  flowers are inconspicuous.


The location should be a sunny and warm place, in summer it can also be placed outside.

The substrate should be a mixture of cactus and succulent soil with mineral content.

As the Caudex can store a lot of water, watering should be moderate. It is important to make sure that you do not water on the caudex.

If you change the soil at the beginning of the growth phase, Dioscorea does not need any further fertiliser, as it does not require a particularly high level of nutrients.

Dioscorea does not have fixed growth and dormant phases like other succulents, so it is possible that the plant grows in spring and dormant in autumn and the other way round.
During the dormant phase the plant should be kept cooler, at about 15°C. Watering should be stopped as far as possible, fertilization should be stopped completely. The beginning of the dormancy phase can be recognized by the yellowing and drying of the leaves.

Since most tubers are poisonous, no guarantee can be given for compatibility with animals.

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