The succulents, which belong to the family of the silk plants (Asclepiadoideae), are climbing or low growing shrubs with thick and fleshy leaves. They are native to the tropical regions of South East Asia and Australia.
Hoya kerrii is often sold as a rooted leaf cuttings and is commonly known as a sweetheart plant. The umbel-like, star-shaped flowers, which are porcelain-coloured to white and also have a red spot in the middle, have given the Hoya succulent the name "wax flower".


A bright, warm place is ideal as a location, but direct midday sun should be avoided.

As substrate a mixture of cactus and succulent soil and mineral parts is suitable.

As soon as the substrate has dried out, watering can be done again, excess water should be able to run off well.

You can fertilize about once a month, i.e. about every four weeks.

Hoya should not be put outside in summer, because a change of location is not well tolerated.
The hibernation takes place at temperatures around 15°C without fertilization and only with little watering.

Since it is not clearly proven whether Hoya is poisonous or not, no guarantee can be given for its compatibility with animals.

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